Our LocalFileOrganizer – or “LFO” for short – is designed to handle a truly massive (talking millions or billions) amount of files to organize. With that in mind, it’s graphical interface is kept as minimal as possible to reduce unnecessary overhead and there is no way to graphically list all files registered to it nor does it ever write all of the files and/or tags into the memory to prevent overflows.

Using SQLite v3 as a database backend, it allows for multiple separate “locations”, each with their own set of tags (and files, of course) and their own database.

Like the rest of the tool suite, it is completely written in Java and requires JRE 1.8 to be installed in order to run.

However, there is one major drawback in using it – you shall not remove files from the directory without using the built-in file remover as such action will corrupt the database – the same applies to renaming or adding files. To be able to handle the previously mentioned, truly massive amount of files, there is no way around this. Though to be fair, if you have a directory with the amount of files this tool is intended to be used for, you would be a true lemming to navigate into said directory with a normal explorer – not to mention its inability to display any content in the first place (ever tried opening a directory with 90.000.000 files in the windows explorer? Our official recommendation: Don’t.).


  • Manage a virtually unlimited amount of files on an unlimited amount of locations
    • Is a location getting too slow? Just split it into multiple different locations based on tags you choose.
    • Assign tags on a per-file basis and queue for different combinations for them
      • Supporting an unlimited combination of AND, OR and NOT operators as well as brackets for prioritization
      • The default prioritization is IS compliant -> NOT>AND>OR
  • File preview
    • Support for media files including popular video (mp4, avi, flv, wmv, mkv) and audio (mp3, flac, wav) formats.


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