To be hosted on our network, Websites (“site”s) and Sub-Networks (“network”s) have to meet a range of requirements before public access to said site is granted. Please note that if you wish NerdGautica to host your website or network, none of these are considered optional.

Privacy Policy

  • Each Website has to provide
    • A privacy policy disclosing any usage of data.
    • If targeted for a non-English audience, a translation of our privacy policy.
  • The privacy policy of each site may not be changed by the site’s administration, but by the network administration (if the site is on a network) and NerdGautica’s global administration team.
  • Each site’s privacy policy is subordinated to the hosting network’s policy, and each network’s policy is subordinated to NerdGautica’s.
  • It’s each site administrator’s responsibility to have a privacy policy adequate to any laws or regulations deemed linked to the target audience as well as it’s conformity with European laws.
    • Said responsibility falls down to the administration of whichever network it is on in case of necessary updates being requested by the site’s administration, yet not being made by the network’s.

Legal Disclosure

Each site has to provide a legal disclosure page providing contact data to those responsible for the site’s content, the site’s operator and a reference to NerdGautica as provider and, if applicable, the hosting network’s main site.

Contact Form

Each site has to provide a contact form to contact the administration team directly as well as a contact form dedicated to legal inquiries notifying the network’s administration as well.

Further requirements for networks

To allow proper operation of each network, the domain of a network has to be managed by NerdGautica.

Whilst having an own domain is optional for sites, a network has to bring its own top-level-domain for technical reasons.

Line of responsibility

In case of any site being in violation to European laws (specifically including copyright laws) the following chain of responsibility is enforced:

  1. The violating site’s administration team
  2. The hosting network’s administration team
  3. NerdGautica’s administration team

Any inquiries shall be done in that order, and NerdGautica will not take action in case of being contacted before the site’s administration or network team. For more information regarding legal inquiries, please check our privacy policy (linked above).

In case of any site being in violation to these terms, the hosting network is held responsible and, since otherwise most network administrators won’t really “give a shit”, the whole network may be shut down because of one site in violation. If the site is hosted on NerdGautica’s primary network, the site administration itself is held responsible.

Violation of said requirements

In case of any violations of said requirements, NerdGautica will take any violating site or network offline at it’s own discretion and block any administrative access to the website until the issue has been resolved.

In case of amassed violations regarding a site or network, NerdGautica reserves the right to take it down “for good”.

The decisions of NerdGautica’s administration team regarding seizure of services because of violations to those terms are deemed final and not a matter of debate.

Changes of these requirements

The requiremets listed above may change without prior notice and at any time. Each site and network administrator is responsible to check these requirements periodically and, if necessary, adjust their site to changes within a month. Any site and network being in violation of changed terms after said adjustment period will face the consequences stated above.


Here, you can see a countdown telling from when the current hosting requirements will be enforced: