We are a team of freelancers loosely working together, yet still working on our own. Basically, all that “NerdGautica” is, is a “platform” to centralize our work agreements and share legal documents (like this one) between its members, as well as provide non-commercial “Quality of Life” improvements for the team members like our website network. Whilst your Bills will still state “NerdGautica Development”, ‘NerdGautica’ is not a registered company as per German law, since we are only providing services considered freelance activity as to the same.

However, there is still one person who is coordinating this “platform”, or sometimes referred to as a “team” (since we don’t refrain from helping each other out), whose contact details you will find below.

As for legal responsibility regarding billing procedures, these are carried by everyone who contributed to the related project (Please check the data server for our activities) or by someone who took the sole responsibility for it.

Please contact Support@nerdgautica.net for any inquiries of whatever nature, and restrict usage of the above contact data for legal purposes only. “Legal purposes” includes, but is not limited to removal of content hosted on ANY of the websites on our network – after your identity as someone able to make said inquiry (May it be a DCMA notice, a takedown notice, or anything else) is confirmed, we, and not the administration of said website, will remove said content without prior approval of that sites administration. However, you should have contacted the site’s administration beforehand and given them at least a day of time to react – you will have to provide valid proof for contacting said site’s administration (e.g. via the site’s contact form, which we can check ourselves).

In addition to contacting us via mail, you can always, and for any reason contact us via live chat instead (If none of us is around, it changes to a mail form to Support@nerdgautica.net), if you prefer to do so. Though usually, there always is someone around to take the call.