We are currently migrating all project details still stored within 3rd-party services (namely bitbucket, github and gitlab) as well as from good, old paper records to our Redmine instance (Called “our Redmine” further in this post). As a result of this progress in combination with the impacts of CORVID-19, projects may fall behind up to a month. We are trying to keep the actual impact as small as possible.

To keep track of any project progress and impact of this migration on your progress, we strongly suggest registering an account on said Redmine instance and contacting us via mail to Support@nerdgautica.net for us to activate your account and link it to your project. Once the migration is complete, this will be the only platform for submitting issues (requests for enhancement and feature additions as well as bug reports) and getting in contact with the developers actually working at your project, as well as accessing related source code if eligible. All project-related data will be wiped from any 3rd-party services after the migration is complete. In addition, no newly submitted issues on said 3rd-party-hosted projects will be processed after those have been migrated to our Redmine.

As another side-effect of the migration, the server is undergoing a reconstruction to provide necessary functionality in our Redmine. As such, it may come to down times of our website network. We apologize for any inconveniences and try to keep those down times within the scheduled maintenance windows.

If you have further questions, our support team is standing by both in live chat and via mail. If you choose to contact us via live chat regarding this matter, please contact Technical, and not General Support.

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