This site is still under heavy development – please check back later!

Although you will find this on the privacy policy as well, we very well know that only a handful of people actually read it, so here it goes:

Please keep in mind that the privacy policy is yet incomplete due to the website being in heavy development. We are currently providing it only so websites hosted on our network stay reachable. Please refrain from registering an account unless told otherwise by a Site Administrator.

We also highly discourage using the Google login at this time (which is planned to completely replace the standard login and registering procedure for security reasons). This is due to the 100 users limit currently set upon us until, and excuse me for saying so, the Google Cloud Platform team finally moved their asses and “verified” our brand and domain (Which is near utmost absurdity seeing that we have been a GSuite organization for years). This process, by their own words, might take up to 6 weeks, allowing 2.4 (rounded up) logins per day.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, yet this is out of our hands and, as you might notice from the language used above, a nuisance to us as much as our user base.

  • Migration in Progress
    We are currently migrating all project details still stored within 3rd-party services (namely bitbucket, github and gitlab) as well as from good, old paper records to our Redmine instance (Called “our Redmine” further in this post). As a result of this progress in combination with the impacts of CORVID-19, projects may fall behind up to…